Master Yourself Academy


Your session was a Coaching Masterclass. Wow .. you were spellbinding yet all your attention was on the other ... and such a combination of the fun and learning of your Johnny Johnny and the skill with which you facilitated the learning from that and then the profound learning in the way in which you held space and noticed patterns and of course created a state of dissonance between the problem state and the desired state and how you continued to hold space .. Wow how you have learned and there are few in this world who can coach the way that you did. I know that many were as we put it in the UK 'gobsmacked'!!!! And you do it all with love. That is the magic.

— Sue Knight
NLP International Trainer & Consultant Author of ‘NLP at Work’, UK

Arul was the co-facilitator at my NLP practitioners workshop in Dec 2011. In the more than week long learning event, I had the pleasure of his company quite a few times. Arul is sunshine. When we learn new ways on thinking, being and doing, there is the slight chill characterized by the fear of the unknown. We feel a bit out in the cold. At this crucial time, Arul brings warmth, lightness of being, and play to the experience. That is just the way he is! We feel the sun has come out, the cold withers away. The learning experience becomes like a summer vacation, a walk in the park, a delightful game of sorts! How he makes it so light without diluting the focus is the stuff of his personal magic! I do not wish to decode it, simply experience it over and over again. Why? It makes life good.

— Rahul Vitekar
Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant, Mumbai

I have worked with Arul several times within our joint passion for NLP. Arul is a quick learner and an outstanding teacher and practitioner. He does everything with a smile on his face which makes it all pleasurable and fun. 

— Brian Chernett
Academy for Chief Executives, UK

Arul is a one of the nicest people I know. Honest and always wanting the best for others. He is a strong leader with high aspirations that are seasoned with a solid amount of humour and humility. I strongly recommend Arul. 

— Bent Jensen
Agile and Lean Coach,
Director at BestBrain, Denmark

Narmada is another best trainer in NLP. Her willingness to help people is amazing. I always see her celebrating others excellence with twinkle in her eyes which is so wow. An approachable trainer with good people skills. The program was strategically planned and her thorough knowledge about the content was amazing.
I appreciate her communication skills which is understandable to everyone.

— Madhuri T
Artist/Photographer, Bangalore

What I admired about Narmada is that she is “just spot on”. She knows exactly when and where the discussion has to be interrupted graciously and immediately give an excellent example, enabling us to re-arrange our thought process towards solution thinking. She has a unique and respectful way of nudging the other person into stretch thinking and like-wise balance the situation immediately. She has a wonderful way of complimenting the participants. I would definitely like to model this “spot on” attitude and also her complimenting styles.

Arul and Narmada both complement each other very well. They are like those two people sitting on a see-saw, aiding each other balance brilliantly. Keep up this awesome work going and wishing both a very good luck.

—  Aparna Ketan
Entrepreneur, Doha

Narmada Madam, the flow of your thoughts and words carried me far ahead in the realizations that I had during the sessions. I have always been a follower of your blog. “Compelling” would be the word that I would assign to the feel that I get when I hear you speaking or while reading your blogs. Your words remain the guiding light, whenever I encounter difficult situations in my everyday life.

Having benefited by the critical feedback that you gave me during the sessions, I would like to thank you for all those. It was amazing how you managed to spot the fault, bring it to my awareness, and express a gentle reprimand. The manner in which the critical feedback were given were very subtle and I could perceive them “to sting and to soothe” at the same moment. “Genuineness and Greater Purpose” filled in the feedback that you gave, would make them remain etched in my memory for long. Thanks for all those words.

— Dr. R. Arunachalam
Senior Assistant Professor, Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College, Salem

Narmada - Similar to her blogs, her interactions were also captivating to listen and ponder. I liked her way of simplifying great concepts into simple steps. She had good knowledge of concept was very helpful in guiding me to break great thoughts into simple facts.

— Rajani Kamakshi

Arul is truly a unique individual and I was fortunate to spend a week with him at a NLP course in Kerala. Arul by being a true role model enables everyone in the group to excel and express themselves. He is an inspiration and model of excellence.

— Rakesh Bhargava
Serial Entrepreneur - Wealth Builder, USA

Narmada is an epitome of strength and grace for me. She is warm, pleasant and easy to approach and
talk to. She has excellent command over the language, can convey messages across with ease and has a desired effect.

To be candid I see Arul and Narmada strike the balance to ensure we stay focused and learn while we unlearn. Very accommodative and deliver what is needed by their audience. Keep at it.
Keep playing the role of catalysts and enablers.

— Kaushi Bidappa, 
Head of Communications and Business Operations,
General Motors-Technical Centre India, Bangalore

It was amazing to know how Arul and Narmada inferred the patterns of my behavior by just keenly observing what I spoke and how I spoke with arithmetic accuracy. Initially, I smarted under the surgical interpretation of my words. Later on, I started amusing myself at the way I have been communicating to persons all these years unmindful of the impact I was causing. Once I realized that impact is the meaning of what I communicate, things fell into a comprehensive pattern for me to learn. Now on wards, I will not offer feedback before seeking the permission of my clientele. I will respectfully interact with people giving scope for them to complete what they wish to say. I shall not allow my mind to race ahead of the words of people to prove my skill as a mind reader. I realize these prompts could inhibit spontaneous expression of people. Like a fly on the wall, I would be a non- participant observer of great conversations and give my words only when sought.

— J. Inbaraj
Reader, DPI Campus, Chennai

Narmada brought an excellent balance to the program. Greatness was in stimulating awareness & also backing it up with the action required to increase effectiveness. Specific spotlight sessions on individuals was handled respectfully & also helped others in the group to learn in the process.
To me, it changed the notion of feedback being associated predominantly with sharing areas of improvement.

— Senthil Kumar
Vice President - Finance, DBOI Global Services,
Deutsche Bank Group.

Narmada is graceful, powerful in narration, clarifies points well, explains concepts patiently. Very good trainer. Overall it was a rewarding and enriching learning experience.

— S. Ramachandran
VP- HR, Cavinkare Pvt Ltd. Chennai

What do I say - such an inspiration. I learnt a great deal from Arul both in the set sessions he ran and the personal one to one exercises when I had the opportunity to work with him. Arul's values, passion and knowledge added so much to my own learning.

— Karen frost
Values Based Leadership, UK